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Hiring an illuminated dance floor for your event could not be more simple or fun!

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Without doubt the most fun a dance floor can be! Our illuminated dance floors are made up of brightly lit squares in all colours and it is completely controllable so if you want an all pink dance floor we can make it happen! In fact any colour is possible and trust us it’s very bright and will illuminate the room just as much as your dancing feet!

When we first discovered the illuminated floor we were unsure as to how popular it would be because let’s face it, you couldn’t really get a bolder or brighter dancing space but we needn’t have worried! As soon as we launched it as one of our products everything went nearly as crazy as your guests will when they see it. You can’t help but fall in love with the colours and want to spend the entire night dancing. It’s like you have been taken back to the 70’s or 80’s!

The men in the group will slowly change into John Travolta himself… ok we can’t guarantee that I’m afraid ladies. But we can guarantee that this light up dancefloor is a lot of fun!