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LED Disco Dance Floor Hire

LED disco dance floor hire in the UK. Our funky retro dance floor is where we started off we now have a huge range of light up floors to choose from and they all look amazing.

An Illuminated disco dance floor that will light up your event!

The ultimate in LED disco dance floor hire. Our funky retro dance floor is where we started off we now have a huge range to choose from and they all look amazing. Whether you are after a small or large 70s disco dance floor we can help.

This type of dance floor is one of the most sophisticated around. All controlled by a member of staff you will be dazzled at what you will see. While you and your guests are dancing the night away one of our trained team will be making a spectacle right under your feet with thousands of displays and features our LED illuminated dance floors really are of a different league.

Retro dance floor hire

Hiring your retro dance floor for your event could not be more simple and now more fun!

Our team of professionals is ready to transform your event and take it back in time when retro was cool! The funk hair of the 80s and the flares of the 70s will be all you see dancing away on our illuminated dance floor!

The retro dance floor can be made up to 8 meters by 8 meters and really will be a stand or part of any event or party. Your guests will defiantly be amazed when they step into the room and see the worlds brightest dance floor all ready and waiting for them to show off their best moves and we all know the older moves were the best! Book today to avoid disappointment and get your running man on.

Nothing shouts retro quite as much as a shell suit and a big wig and dodgy sunglasses or when everyone believes they are John Travolta from the film Nightfever, but we can assure you that your event won’t be complete without one of our retro disco dance floors.

Hire a Nightfever style dance floor

So you want to become John Travolta for the evening or maybe just one of the dancers from the movie Nightfever? Well you have come to the right place because we have a John Travolta style dance floor that will get you half way there that’s for sure! Get ready to be pointing your finger to the sky and thrusting your hips just like the legend himself because ones the multicoloured squares start doing their thing there really will be no stopping you! It’s amazing how as soon as the dance floor is turned on everyone is suddenly ready to audition for the leading role of John Travolta! Hire a Nightfever style dancefloor for your next event!

Looking for an 80's style retro LED dance floor?

We can guide you through the selection period and make sure you get the perfect 80's style disco dance floor possible for your event. Whether the event is a wedding, 80's party, corporate launch or even a small gathering if you want a real eye catching dance floor that has a huge wow factor then this is the perfect choice for you.

All of our LED dance floors come in different size and shape options to work for your event. From square dancefloors to illuminated walk ways and cat walks. With the LED disco dance floors please bear in mind that it is slightly more raised than the other styles we offer.

FAQ - Hiring an LED Disco Dance Floor

How long does it take to install an LED disco dance floor?
This is the most complex of dance floors we offer but it still only takes us under an hour normally depending on size and shape, also if the venue needs any special requirements this can slow things a little but you can rest assure that it will be up and ready well before you and your guests arrive.

Will you deliver and collect the LED disco dance floor? We will deliver install, control and dismantle your dance floor all included in the price quoted. We will polish and make sure that your disco dance floor is in pristine condition for when you and your guests arrive. We want you to feel like you are dancing on a brand new dance floor so we make sure we keep them in tip top condition.

What will the price be for an LED disco dance floor?
We can’t give you a definite price on the website for the disco dance floor as each event is a little different from the last. We need to work out the size of the dance floor you need and then price form there. Prices do start from as little as £495 and we make sure we are very competitive.

What type of events would you recommend having a disco LED dance floor?
We don’t feel there is an event that would not benefit from having a disco dance floor as you can see they look amazing!

These are the types of events that we are well known for hiring disco dance floors too:

Weddings & Civil Partnerships
Corporate Events
School & University Proms & Leavers Events
Themed Parties
Product Launches
18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, & 50th Birthday Celebrations
Marquee events
Christmas & New Year Events

The perfect finishing touch to make your event stand out from the rest. So call or email today and order your LED disco dance floor! You can find our Disco floor in Kent, Essex, London, Surrey and Buckinghamshire oh and lets not forget Berkshire and Hampshire too.

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