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Your guide to hiring a dancefloor in the UK with LED Dance Floors

From choosing the right style and size for your event to how much it costs to hire a dancefloor, this guide has all the answers. Get ready to master the art of hiring the perfect dance floor for your wedding, party, or special event, and discover just how easy and convenient it can be with LED Dance Floors.

What style of dancefloors do you offer?

At LED Dance Floors we offer four different styles of LED floors for hire. Choose from our white and black starlit LED floors for that elegant touch, retro '80s dance floors for a blast from the past, or the mesmerising Infinity Mirror floors for a truly unique experience. Whatever your theme, we've got the floor to match!

What types of events is a dancefloor suitable for?

Dance floors are incredibly versatile and can enhance a wide range of events. Here are some common types of events where a dance floor can be a fantastic addition:
  • Weddings
    A must-have for any reception, offering a designated space for the first dance and guests to celebrate.
  • Birthday Parties
    Whether it's a milestone birthday or a casual celebration, dance floors add fun and energy.
  • Corporate Events
    From galas to holiday parties, a dance floor can lighten the mood and encourage networking.
  • Anniversaries
    Perfect for celebrating significant milestones with a special dance.
  • Proms and School Dances
    Essential for students to enjoy their social gatherings.
  • Charity Balls and Galas
    Adds a touch of class and encourages guests to engage in fundraising activities.
  • Festivals
    Outdoor or indoor, dance floors can create a focal point for entertainment.
  • Club and Bar Events
    Essential for creating a dynamic environment for guests to dance.
  • Themed Parties
    From retro to futuristic, dance floors can complement the theme.
  • New Year’s Eve Parties
    Ideal for ringing in the new year with a dance.
  • Award Ceremonies and Banquets
    Adds an element of celebration post-ceremony.
  • Fashion Shows
    Can be used as a runway or to create a unique atmosphere for the event.
  • Conferences and Expos
    Can be used for entertainment segments or networking activities.

What sizes of dance floors do you offer?
Do you have a dancefloor size guide?

When deciding on the size of the dance floor, consider that typically about half of your guests will dance at any given time. Of course, you know your guests best—if they’re a lively crowd, you might need a bit more space!

Our range includes both square and rectangular dance floors. For smaller gatherings, a 10 x 10 ft floor might be perfect, while larger events can be accommodated with sizes up to 40 x 40 ft. Our most popular choices are 16 x 16 ft for a more intimate setting, or a 20 x 12 ft rectangular layout for a different feel.

Here's a simplified size guide based on guest numbers:
  • For up to 50 guests: 12 x 12 ft
  • For up to 80 guests: 14 x 14 ft
  • Up to 120 guests: 16 x 16 ft / 20 x 12ft
  • Up to 160 guests: 18 x 18 ft
  • Up to 200 guests: 20 x 20 ft
  • Up to 250 guests: 22 x 22 ft
  • Up to 300 guests: 24 x 24 ft
Keep in mind, these are just approximate suggestions. For a more detailed guide on choosing the right dance floor size for your event, take a look at our comprehensive dance floor hire size guide. Or, if you prefer a more personalised recommendation, feel free to contact us directly. We're here to help you select the perfect dance floor to make your event a hit!

Where does LED Dance Floors cover?

Everywhere in the UK! With trusted partners nationwide since 2011, LED Dance Floors lights up events from Scotland to Cornwall, London to Cardiff and everywhere in between.

Frequently asked questions about hiring a dance floor

Got questions about hiring a dance floor? We've got answers! Our FAQs are here to guide you through the process of finding and hiring a dance floor with LED Dance Floors.
What is the process of hiring a dance floor?
The process is straightforward. Pick your preferred dance floor style, tell us where and what size, and leave the rest to us. We'll dance through quotes from our network of leading dance floor providers and get the best ones to you within 24 hours. Quick, easy, and designed to cut costs not corners!
Do you deliver, install and collect the dance floor?
Yes, every hire comes with the full package – delivery, setup, and collection. And the best part? Our quotes are all-inclusive, so no surprises with hidden costs.
How long does it take to install a dancefloor?
Installation typically takes around an hour, though this can vary based on the venue’s specific layout and the size of the dance floor. It's an ideal timeframe to fit within the turnover period for weddings or similar events. If your schedule requires earlier setup, just let us know – we're flexible and can sometimes even accommodate an installation the day before.
Do you offer packages for weddings and events?
We sure do! Alongside dance floors, we offer live bands, DJs, photobooths & magic mirrors, LOVE letters, uplighting, and mobile bars into one awesome deal. Just tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll put together a bespoke package that elevates your event to the next level.
How much does it cost to hire a dancefloor in the UK?
The cost hinges on your event date, location, and the floor size.

Here’s a quick 2023 snapshot: Average rates for white or black starlit floors hover around £445. Craving something unique? Retro and infinity floors usually run about £745.

We're all about value – that's why we scout the best quotes from our network of trusted dance floor providers, guaranteeing top service with savings included.
Does LED Dance Floors have PLI and PAT certificates?
Absolutely. LED Dance Floors partners exclusively with dance floor hire companies that hold valid Public Liability Insurance and up-to-date PAT certificates for their equipment. Upon request, we can provide copies directly to you or your venue.

Moreover, we maintain our own Public Liability Insurance up to £10 million and ensure that all equipment we use is regularly PAT tested and certified.

If needed, we're also equipped to conduct risk assessments for added peace of mind.

Still got some questions?
LED Dance Floors is here to help!

Can't find the answer you're looking for in our FAQs? No problem! Whether you need a detailed quote, more information, or have a specific query about our LED dance floors, we're just a message away.