John Travolta style dance floor hire!


So you want to become John Travolta for the evening or maybe just one of the dancers from the movie Nightfever? Well you have come to the right place because we have a retro dance floor that will get you half way there that’s for sure! Get ready to be pointing your finger to the sky and thrusting your hips just like the legend himself because ones the multicoloured squares start doing their thing there really will be no stopping you! It’s amazing how as soon as the dance floor is turned on everyone is suddenly ready to audition for the leading role of John Travolta!




Although we can’t guarantee all of you will have his hip movement quite right we can guarantee you will all be trying and it really does make for some great photos and videos trust us we have the proof!


The 70’s dance floor really is straight out of that decade obviously technology has come on a fair bit so it’s now even better but still gives you the exact replication of what we all think about when we look back at that era, flares big sunglasses, neon lights the brighter the better!

Book your John Travolta style dance floor though us and let’s all have one big party!